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Premier Housing is dedicated to serving clients who are looking for apartments, houses, and flats for sale and for rent in Pécs. We offer comprehensive administration, free service, and a large database of properties to help you find your new home.

Our properties can be viewed through the following quick search. You can find photos and accurate information about each property.

We escort all of our clients to the properties, so please make an appointment for showings.

Additional services (moving, cleaning, painting, water-, gas-, heating installation, renovation, interior design, airport transfer, mortgage counsel) is available upon request.

Enjoy browsing!

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ID number : PH1558
address: Pécs, Egyetemváros

price: 0 M HUF

ID number : PH1600
address: Pécs vonzáskörzete, Magyarhertelend, Galambosi utca

price: 1.4 M HUF

ID number : PH1832
address: Pécs, Máladó utca

price: 2.5 M HUF

ID number : PH1613
address: Pécs vonzáskörzete, Kossuth utca

price: 2.8 M HUF

ID number : PH1604
address: Mohács, Székelyszabar

price: 2.9 M HUF

ID number : 36080
address: Hosszúhetény,

price: 3.23647 M HUF

We're offering a 1099sqm Land, 15 minutes from Pécs, in the southern part of Hosszúhetény, for sale.

ID number : 36073
address: Hosszúhetény,

price: 3.423 M HUF

ID number : PH1835
address: Pécs, Melinda utca

price: 4 M HUF

ID number : 36079
address: Hosszúhetény,

price: 5.17754 M HUF

20% off! We're offering a 1274 sqm Land, 15 minutes from Pécs, in the southern part of Hosszúhetény, for sale.

ID number : 36058
address: Hosszúhetény,

price: 5.1816 M HUF

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